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Here you will find information about the organization structure. Read more from the above boxes.

Organization structure of the Student Union as a picture

Representative council

The highest decision-making body of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa is a 30-member council, whose members are elected for a two year term. All VYY members have the right to vote in Representative Council elections, that is, all the university basic degree students as well as those exchange and post-graduate students who are registered as attending and have paid the Student Union fee.

The Representative Council determines the Student Union’s strategy as well as, among other things, the amount of the membership fee and the action plan. The Representative Council also appoints the Executive Board and chooses the Secretary General.

Meetings of the Representative Council are open to all VYY members and the Representative Council meets about once a month throughout the academic year.

Chairperson of the representative council

The chairperson of the representative council has the highest position of trust in the Student Union. Their duty is to lead the representative council meetings. In case you have questions about the council, please contact the Chairman of the Representative Council or the Secretary General.

Representative council of term 2018-2019

The chair of the representative council 2018: Katriina Nousiainen (Unioni). Her email is epj@vyy.fi.

The Representative Council groups’ numbers of seats and their chairpersons’ names for the term 2018-2019

Warranttilaiset 13 seats, group chair Niklas Hayles
Unioni 8 seats, group chair Petra Lähdemäki
Tuttilaiset 5 seats, group chair Mikko Paaskoski
Kampusporvarit 3 seats,group chair Juuso Aaltonen
Punavihreä Allianssi 1 seats, group chair Juulia Tuominen

Executive board

The Executive Board is responsible for operative control of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa. The Board consists of 6-10 members elected by the Representative Council. Members of the Board are working together with the hired in-house staff of the University.

In addition to supervision of student interests, board members work on culture and leisure issues as well as business relations tasks. The Board intends to ensure that every student at the University could contribute to their studies flexibly and at a reasonable pace and take care of themselves in their free time. The Executive Board also chooses the VYY staff.

The Executive Board meets approximately once a week throughout the school year.

In case you have any questions about the executive board, please contact the Chair of the Board or the Secretary General.

Administration student representatives

Administration student representatives (abbreviated into HallOpEds, from ‘hallinnon opiskelijaedustajat’) play an important role in decision-making at the university and the schools. Their mission is to represent the students’ points of view, all the while taking into account the interests of education and research in general. In addition to decision-making, the tasks include the preparation and promotion of dialogue within the Student Union, students associations and among students, as well as reporting for and communication with the above-mentioned decision-making entities after the decision-making process. The hallopeds represent the entire Student Union and all students, providing efficient advocacy for matters that are important to students. The decisions that are made by the University’s governing bodies affect students in particular.

VYY’s current administration student representatives and their deputies are listed below.

If you are interested in becoming a halloped, please check the official Student Union notice board at the VYY office, our e-mail newsletters and our website for vacancies and apply for the positions as they open. If you have any questions regarding student representative work, please contact the Secretary of Student Interests (LINKKI: For the curious → Contact information → Staff)..

The Student Union’s Representative Council elects all administrative student representatives.

Administration student representatives in the University of Vaasa and interest groups

After each meeting, one of the hallopeds that were present fills out the halloped report form regarding matters relevant to students.

University of Vaasa Board (1.1.2018-31.12.2019)

The highest decision-making body of the University of Vaasa is the Board, which is selected by the University Collegium. The University of Vaasa Board has nine members, five of whom are from outside the university and four from within the university community.

Actual member
Kujala Kim

University Collegium (1.1.2018-31.12.2019)

The University Collegium consists of elected members of the university community. The collegium has 15 members who represent professors, teaching staff, researchers, other staff and students. The University Collegium selects the members of the university Board.

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Kalliokoski Johanna / Viertola Vilma

Torppa Hannes / Maxhuni Ines

Auvinen Janne / Ekola Jussi

Hakanen Ville / Lähdemäki Petra

McBreen Jaber/ Santeri Ala-Röyskö


School of Accounting and Finance  (1.1.2018–31.12.2019)

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Kaskinen Oskari / Kuosmanen Asla-Pekka

Ursin Simo / Hayles Niklas

Ekola Jussi / Valtonen Niklas

School of Marketing and Communication (1.1.2018–31.12.2019)

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Heikura Emmi-Elina / Lähdemäki Petra

Lappi Onerva / Tähtinen Sanni

Aaltonen Juuso/ Tuominen Juulia

School of Management (1.1.2018–31.12.2019)

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Saukkoranta Paula/ Hakala Petri
Kvist Matias/ Kesonen Roosa
Torppa Hannes/ Lindholm Markus


School of Technology and Innovations (1.1.2018–31.12.2019)

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Kononen Kiira / Paldanius Ida
Paaskoski Mikko / Löytynoja Anssi
Hokkanen Aki / Leinonen Karri

The Council of Research and Education (1.1.2018-31.12.2019):

The University has a Council of Research and Education, which is the administrative body responsible for the quality of research and education. The council is chaired by the Vice-Rector and includes one representative from each of the Schools, as well as nine other representatives of the University community and their personal deputy members.

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Viertola Vilma / Uusi-Kokko Elli

Saukkoranta Paula / Hakanen Ville

Ekola Jussi / Lappi Onerva

Language Centre management group (1.1.2018–6.3.2018)

Language Centre management group student representatives are picked by the Council of Representatives meeting on 6.3.2018. Until then, the following temporary members appointed by the Council of Representatives represent students in the group:

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Sankelo Hermanni / Niskanen Helmi

Tuominen Juulia / Kuula Erika

VOAS delegation (2018-2019):

The VOAS delegation is responsible of, for example, electing the VOAS board, processing the report of operations and financial statement as well as approving the budget.

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Louhenheimo Petri  / Tuominen Juulia
Kvist Matias / Alila Johannes
Ristimäki Sami/ Lenkiewicz Adam
Valtonen Niklas / Vilkki Aino
McBreen Jaber / Kuula Erika
​Hakanen Ville / Puhtimäki Jussi
Viertola Vilma / Hirsimäki Riku

FSHS Vaasa unit board (1.1.2018-31.12.2019):

The FSHS Vaasa unit board oversees the health service unit’s operations and changes in the operational environment, promotion of health and community health care work. The board is responsible for reducing the number of health care offices or adding new ones, as well as other related matters. The board also actively cooperates with the institution’s interest groups.

Actual members / Personal deputy members

Uusi-Kokko Elli/ Aaltonen Juuso
Sjöberg Petra / Sandroos Aleksi

FSHS delegation (1.1.2018-31.12.2019):

The delegation assembles biannually in their spring and autumn meetings. At the spring meeting, the delegation processes the board’s report of operations and financial statement. At the autumn meeting, the delegation confirms the budget and the plan of operations, elects the chair, vice-chair, secretary and other members of the delegation and board as necessary.

Actual members

Vuorenmaa Anette

Juupaluoma Matias


Committees founded by the Executive Board are a part of VYY. Committees’ activities are open for all VYY members. Committees are led by members of the Executive Board in cooperation with the VYY secretaries. These committees are open and in many ways the best opportunity for VYY members to participate in and to influence the Student Union’s activities. Committees meet approximately four times per semester.

Committee of Student Interests

The Committee of Student Interests or EVVK (Edunvalvontavaliokunta) deals with a wide range of issues related to studying and student life. The committee covers education policy issues (for example summer exam schedule, the structure and contents of training programs, student representatives’ activities in the University administration and development of the student admission process), and social policy issues (for example financial aid, Finnish Student Health Service, housing and well-being), and related international issues (for example the tuition fee debate).

Committee of Culture and Leisure

The Committee of Culture and Leisure (Kulttuuri- ja vapaa-aikavaliokunta, abbreviated KUVA) runs VYY’s events and comes up with new ideas for cultural and leisure activities. We meet about every six weeks during the school year. All students interested in such activities are welcome to our Committee of Culture and Leisure at any time throughout the academic year. The Committee is chaired by the VYY board member responsible for culture and leisure activities. For more information please join the Committee’s Facebook group or email kuva@vyy.fi

Committee of International Affairs

The Committee of International Affairs coordinates supervision of interest concerning international affairs on campus. All VYY members are welcome to the committee.

Policy and coordination

The Student Union of the University of Vaasa has autonomy and its operations are guided by the Finnish legislation in addition to its own rules. In addition to the Statute, VYY has General Rules of Procedure, the Representative Council’s Rules of Procedure, the Election Order, the Record of Tradition, as well as a number of by-laws. The rules are compiled into a single Policy Manual.

In addition to the rules, VYY activities are guided by the VYY strategy and plan of action, which are approved by the Representative Council.

The Student Union has made a Declaration of Equality.

All VYY events adhere to the VYY event organizing guidelines.

On 10.4.2018 the VYY board decided to adopt new Event Organizing Guidelines for the Student Union. The guidelines consist of principles that obligate both the event organizers and participants. All future VYY events adhere to the guidelines.

VYY Event Organizing Guidelines


  • Events are designed so that they do not put participants in humiliating or distressing situations
  • Our values and rules are communicated openly in event marketing and during the events
  • Contact persons are clearly defined for each event


  • Harassment, discrimination and bullying are not allowed
  • We respect the physical integrity and privacy of all participants
  • We respect the opinions, political views and fields of study of all participants


  • If there is a problem situation, we intervene as soon as possible and try to talk it out
  • If you experience harassment, discrimination or bullying, tell whoever is harassing you or a contact person about it immediately
  • If the problem persists after the event and outside help from a neutral party is needed to resolve the situation, contact the VYY harassment contact person (​hairintayhdyshlo@vyy.fi​)

Need more instructions? Want to give feedback?

The Secretary of Student Interests at VYY is here to help!

eva@vyy.fi / 044 324 8961

Acknowledgement awards

In accordance with its traditions, the Student Union of the University of Vaasa has distributed Student Union’s acknowledgement awards among those involved in Student Union activities for their outstanding achievements. Awards are granted annually during the VYY anniversary ball in February.

Decisions on awarding acknowledgment awards are made by the Representative Council of VYY based on requests from the working group on badges of merit and honor.

VYY’s statutory working group on badges of merit and honor opens the application period for both category I and II insignia each year.

According to the VYY rules, anyone can apply for acknowledgement insignia. The insignia is applied for based on particularly distinguished participance in the activities of the Student Union of the University of Vaasa. The application form is defined by the working group and can be picked up at the office or requested by e-mail from the Student Union’s Secretary General.

In order for an application to be processed, it must be supported with enough signatures of Representative Council’s members. This list of names is available at the Student Union service office.

The merit badge application form must be submitted to the Secretary General of the Student Union by the announced deadline. Any applications submitted after the deadline will be ignored.

The working group will present the list to the Representative Council, which makes decisions on the basis of the applications received. Badges will be distributed at the Student Union’s anniversary ball in February.

Further information on the acknowledgement insignia and how to apply for them is available from the Secretary General of the Student Union.

Best International Teacher

Each year, the Student Union hands out acknowledgements to distinguished teachers. The Hyvä opettaja and the Best International Teacher awards go to teachers who display an inspirational attitude towards their work and are genuinely interested in their students’ learning. The Executive Board of VYY chooses the award recipients based on propositions made by student organizations operating within VYY.

Contact the board or the staff of the Student Union

The board and the staff are happy to tell you more about the Student Union and how to participate!